Florida Laws and Rules

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This course meets the a one hour requirement for anyone that has been instructed by the ECLB to have supplemental training pertaining to the Laws and Rules  for alarm and electrical contracting. 

Dive into the foundational knowledge of the Florida Building Code Laws and Rules through this immersive elearning course. Unravel the nuances of the Florida Statutes FS553 that govern Building Construction Standards, exploring its interplay with Alarm Rules. This course provides an in-depth analysis of the FBC Advanced Course, aligned with the 7th Edition 2020 Florida Building Code.

Throughout the course, participants will embark on a journey through the regulatory framework that shapes the security industry. Delve into the intricacies of compliance, understanding the legal obligations and standards that are pivotal for professionals seeking to excel in the field. Covering a range of topics, from construction standards to alarm regulations, this course equips learners with the insights needed to ensure safety, security, and adherence to the law.

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the legal and regulatory landscape, empowering you to navigate it effectively. Through engaging modules, real-world examples, and interactive assessments, participants will not only comprehend the content but also be prepared to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. By the end of this course, participants will possess the expertise required to confidently navigate the Florida Building Code Laws and Rules, contributing to the highest standards of professionalism and compliance in the security industry.

Enroll now to elevate your understanding and mastery of the Florida Building Code Laws and Rules, and take a significant step forward on your career path.